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We can all see... yet so many turn a blind eye

There is no such thing as a genius. There is only opportunity and the right timing for someone to find it. The odds are slim, and all we can do is try. Every so-called genius who is capable of delivering a gift to mankind for its combined progress is worth striving hard to find, nurture, and protect. They could be any one of the millions of children growing up without the basic needs for sustenance, let alone having what it takes for a healthy development of body, mind, and character. We are losing our Einsteins by the boatload.

Who do we consider as thought leaders and how do such folks contribute to improve society?

It is no secret that individuals who put others first and live a life of service find a greater sense of purpose and meaning in what they do. Such individuals are known to experience deeper levels of fulfillment with a feeling of joy that is undying.

Granted that not everyone is cut out to be a saint, but still, there has to be an in between place where one is able to achieve some degree of meaningful engagement with society—a clear and easy way to leave an indelible footprint through this evolutionary journey for humankind.

Shaping the future

Narrowing down our focus to the key areas that produce the maximum impact on a person’s ability to identify, hone, and master a strong suit that is unique to someone that no other human can fulfill will remain at the heart of everything we do.


Learning something you have no clue about, but have enough curiosity to ask several questions.


Being around experts who are proficient at generating stellar outcomes consistently.


Stepping in and applying what was learned through education and exposure to gain mastery.

singular objective

Many voices. One message.

Human Dignity

The inherent value placed in each of us is incorruptible even though life events may mar and dull its radiance at times. When the right combination of awareness, acceptance, and appreciation are introduced back into one's life, that inner strength is nourished and human dignity is restored. In its absence, no magic or miracle may be expected to come by regardless of how many millions of dollars are spent on so-called infrastructure and planning.


The poorest people have the most ingenuity; without it, they would not survive. However, theirs is not the kind of genius that gets rewarded by the whims of Wall Street and the oligarchical legacy that constructs, controls, and construes the parameters of wealth accumulation and incentive models. If the brilliance and potential of the majority is to be harnessed fully, we must create parallel economies that have a separate value system centered on what is vital for humanity to survive this dark age of dominance and deceit. We must re-learn to cherish the intangible benefits of family, friendship, and community.


No one is exempt from the hardship of life. If you are born, you will have to endure the challenges of living. We all desire comfort and ease, success and position—we do this in the hopes of guaranteeing a secure future free from suffering or injury. It's an illusion that seems compelling, and most fall for it. But even the wealthiest and most powerful individuals will experience physical and mental trauma. There's just no way to avoid it. The only thing we can do is to cultivate a strong will and an unbeatable resilience.

So you have something important to share?

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Thought Leadership Council is a tax-exempt California 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to improving the odds of children and adults in reaching their highest God-given potential through engaging entertainment and education initiatives involving global thought leaders.

We have seen an insurmountable excess of information and entertainment invading our public and private spaces to an extent where there is no more room left for real life to exist. Everyone is just reacting moment-to-moment as new waves of trending stories sweep across the Internet.

Though we may claim to have freedom, everyone is a captive of one screen or another. Pixels dominate our thoughts and emotions. The validity of the source or the intention of the multiple entities producing, managing, and distributing the content is vague and untraceable.

Entertain is defined as “to admit into the mind.”

Wouldn’t it be a joy to know where something emerges and what its original intent is before allowing it into your mind and giving it permission to shape and transform your lives?

We handpick our content creators and select topics that are sure to inform you accurately about the different dimensions of the world we occupy to empower you in leading a fulfilling life.

Our intention is to be a gateway to your success, not a gatekeeper.

Our role is to identify the unmet intellectual and emotional needs of a populace and match it to thought leaders who are at the cutting edge of finding and providing solutions that improve our lives in such areas. The general audience may benefit just from the intake of this informative content, but there may be others who may want to participate in the change movement. These individuals would be encouraged along their path through programs that provide intermediate and expert training, mentorship opportunities with the leaders in the industry, and finally, a chance to operate as an active contributor to the field. We will cover a wide range of topics and fields of interest that will satisfy the young and the old—our goal is to generate content that is region-, language-, and gender-agnostic.

As a filmmaker and innovator, I can attest to one thing: having the right mentors along the way makes all the difference. We all have some level of curiosity and desire; and to be honest, everyone works hard—but the outcomes are always governed by placement, timing, and access. You have to get noticed by the right set of people to be positioned correctly for success.

Tom Thudiyanplackal

Founder, Thought Leadership Council


We inspire the best in you to thrive.

It does take a village to raise a child. We never grow up old enough to not require that village. It’s about time we recognize this.