We can all see… yet so many turn a blind eye

Being the first at something is often enough to prove that you deserve special privileges

There is no such thing as a genius. There is only opportunity and the right timing for someone to find it. The odds are slim, and all we can do is try. Every so-called genius who is capable of delivering a gift to mankind for its combined progress is worth striving hard to find, nurture, and protect. They could be any one of the millions of children growing up without the basic needs for sustenance, let alone having what it takes for a healthy development of body, mind, and character. We are losing our Einsteins by the boatload.

Life is not fair. Let’s not even debate that. There are many justifications for why the privileged few have such a right to all that they amass and cordon from the rest. Those on their payroll stand close by to attest and affirm the baseless claims of the aristocrats. Some fall for titles and others name a price; either way, there are several scholars and elite socialites who paint the world a certain shade of blue to suit the tastes of their masters. Popular media and even education systems are corrupted by these dubious forces of society. It poses a great danger to what remains of morality and modesty to have a world become crazed with celebrity and the need for recognition.

We are all, in a way, negotiating our way through the ranks to get to a position that affords us ease and a certain degree of unmitigated passage through most quadrants of society. This sort of access is what we term as privilege. Everyone desires it, and we are all aspiring to the next station that offers greater freedom.

Where someone has to struggle for decades to earn the right to enter a door, another may get to crawl into it as an infant, soiling the rug without even being reprimanded for it—with the proverbial silver spoon in mouth, the latter class walks without caring to recognize how such doors are kept inaccessible to the majority, so these few may enjoy its benefits without the need to prove distinction or merit.

Being the first at something is often enough to prove that you deserve special privileges, but how you got there in the first place itself is not that hard a puzzle to solve. The answer is comprised of the exact same privilege one claims to have earned; only now, supposedly, through one’s own merit. This is just another stunt to justify such a person’s claim to the hall pass.

It’s one thing to earn a position in society with a lifetime’s worth of devotion to a cause, and completely another to rig the game against all of humanity. The sad thing is, the so-called supreme class has such indifference in this matter that any effort to start a dialogue on this subject is quickly redirected by pushing buttons, pulling strings, and causing great damage to major lifelines.

The illusion that the average person has a voice is further enforced through the rise of social media platforms and independent, so-called self-made celebrities with millions of followers across the globe. The question is, do these accidental stars really have anything worthwhile to contribute to society or are they just adding more noise to perpetuate the old narrative. Do they get recruited to become another slab in the large, established echo chamber of popular media?

We live in a reality that is largely made up of fabricated systems—they are all works-in-progress and no one really is an expert on anything in particular. Yet, we have leaders and law-makers. The history of law teaches us that not everything that is legal is right, and not everything that is right is legal. We have to use our own judgment in choosing to use our time wisely, while strictly avoiding flashy rhetoric and empty promises.

1 Corinthians 10:23 (NIV) states “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial.

Just because you can do something, should you? On the contrary, just because you’ve been told not to do something, should you not? There is a choice to be made at every bend. We are only responsible for our choices. There are no extra points for being obedient or compliant—especially, when you consider your contribution to humanity in its journey through evolution. Your silence and/or ignorance may very well be inching us, or even hastening our descent, as the species responsible for the complete and utter destruction of all life as we know to exist in the ever expanding universe or now conjectured multiverse.

There is always something that can be done to make things right. It’s never too late. We have to wake up before we are all put to rest forever. Our fight for humanity and for all sentient beings must not be weighed against the might of insular forces of seeming authority and sovereignty.

It’s not the question of nation or creed that must guide our actions, we must be led by our loyalty to life as one force that pulses through all our veins with equal veracity—the Earth and all its beings, everything that grows and contributes to life. We must learn new ways in which we may contribute fairly—find means to stop exploiting without an equitable exchange to sustain the planet.

Identify the CEOs whose loyalties are tied to shareholders and the board, yearning only to profit, even at the price of certain devastation. Let’s not make heroes of such fools who gnaw at the very vein that delivers life.

Here at Thought Leadership Council we wish to cultivate a family of thinking minds who care deeply about the preservation of life and honoring every life form equally. We cannot consider ourselves wise enough to know the importance of one over the other to espouse prejudice by which to eliminate one or the other as per our taste and need of the hour. The phenomenon called life is the product of every known and unknown particle of the Universe interacting together. You do away with one and the whole constitution will erode. Just because it has stood around despite as much atrocity as we have inflicted over the past centuries doesn’t mean it is not already eroding. We are just not seeing it closely; or as may be evident lately, there are those who prefer to flatly deny this.

We need all the help we can get. Résumés need not be held up high just because it has an Ivy League seal. We need people of every class and experience, ones with deep intuitions and clear visions that are rooted in a sincere desire to serve life and improve this shared experience for every living being. It is in our common interest to deliver opportunities and resources to improve the life and understanding across cultures and regions. Where and when we will chance upon that special mind or two who may offer us the insight and tools we need to stop being blindly led to the gallows, we can’t predict? But try we must. Let’s start here. ֎

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